At our core we are an innovative IT services company focusing on Enterprise Agility through a strategic offering of platform and associated services. Specializing in optimizing both public and private sectors through a blended offering of training, consulting, coaching software development outsourcing and business process automation and optimization.

    We help clients realize their business objectives and capitalize on market demands. Our clients seek support in optimizing service delivery, reducing time-to-market, improving quality, increasing client satisfaction, reducing costs and automating processing all for the purpose of becoming a stronger and a more agile enterprise. We call our offering, enabling Enterprise Agility.


    Our commitment to the success of our customers is our number one priority. We strongly believe that our clients are more successful working with us than with any other service or product provider, and living up to that standard is our primary goal.

    We have committed that no customer will fail under our watch. We have committed that we will do whatever is ethical and legal to ensure that our clients have an edge over their competition. Our products and services are designed with that goal in mind. We will analyze, plan, design, implement solutions that put our clients ahead of their competition and fully support their business objectives and targets.

    Our story is one of total commitment. We believe that one can achieve anything if they have the right elements. We believe those elements are:

    A Mission or Goal

    Intention to succeed

    Your story

    A Coach

    At Santeon, we have a very clear mission—to provide sustainable growth and value to our shareholders, customers and employees. We intend to succeed at this mission and become one of the most influential technology leaders shaping the future of software with our platforms and services. Our story is that of hard-work, perseverance, innovation and upholding high ethical values. We succeed because we visualize that success when we are building our products or delivering services and solutions. We know what success looks like and we head in that direction at a steady and assured pace.

    In the beginning, we work to fully understand a client’s goals and mission. We strive to align with their strategy and focus on their needs. We translate their intent to succeed into execution plans supported by our products and services, and we help them build their success story. We are their success Coach.

    We encourage all our stakeholders, customers and employees to build their own success stories in their minds—to visualize their own success and prosperity and to set a purposeful goal to have a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on every relationship they build. Our clients will never fail on our watch and that’s our story.


    At Santeon we focus first and foremost on achieving (and exceeding) our published service level agreement (SLA) goals for each and every client. We believe in the old quality adage, “Say what you do, and do what you say.” Setting a high bar for ourselves and then delivering on it, is the surest way to keep our clients satisfied.

    We strive for 100 percent client retention. Although that isn’t always possible, maintaining the goal of 100 percent retention means that we will not take any client’s business for granted.

    Referrals from happy partners and clients are important to us. Our success comes from consistently delivering the high level of service that translates into delighted customers.


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