At Santeon we align our technological prowess and business processes with the needs and wants of our clients. Given the current state of the global economy, cost containment has become a priority for every organization and business. However, reducing expenditures is not always easy to do, especially when human capital is on the line. We at Santeon are helping clients by leveraging innovative IT cost containment solutions that circumvent more distressful methods of managing the bottom line.

    Ultimately, we are a business technology company that strives to maximize practical and fiscal efficiency for every client, allowing them to concentrate on their core industry specialties.

    Santeon currently offers two services for organizations of all sizes to utilize in their cost containment efforts:

    Software Development: Successful software development is contingent on a complex process that involves strategic planning, requirements assessment and solution generation. In delivering enterprise results, Santeon utilizes Agile Software Development. We are particularly keen on minimizing the time-to-market variable, thus increasing client ROI. Our development mission is increasing profits, cutting inefficiencies and containing costs. Instead of hiring additional staff and adding further bureaucratic procedures, we encourage our clients to trust in us to deliver.

    Business Process Management (BPM): Santeon's approach to BPM focuses on assembling together available data and logic from disparate applications, ensuring organizations can access the information they need when they need it in an organized process flow, without having to centralize the data or develop new applications. Enterprises can rapidly leverage, reuse and extend what they have. We find that our clients often underestimate and underutilize existing resources. By leveraging and streamlining existing assets, we ensure that costs are kept low. This innovative approach ensures organizations can incrementally extend their capabilities and increase profit and efficiency.


    Agile is a mindset transforming IT around the world. In order to prevent additional costs and hurdles during the implementation of agile, we recommend an organization consider readiness assessment prior to agile transformation.

    Our agile assessment platform seeks to evaluate all the tangible and intangible factors that comprise your business processes and then map them against specific agile mindset characteristics and practices. We look to discover enabling or supportive forces for agile as well as the value-added and impactful structural agile indicators. Our Agile PM platform will reveal what agile practices you are ready to implement and which you aren't.

    Ultimately, the successful implementation of agile depends on its extended sustainability. What will happen when you get stuck two years down the road? Will your enterprise respond and be flexible enough to find a new solution? Our assessment platform removes the guess work from continuous improvement by evaluating your agile sustainability potential and building off of it.


    At Santeon we understand the contemporary landscape of the marketplace. We are aware of the fierce competitive challenges that enterprises face in an accelerated technological environment, while retaining commitment to their core values. Santeon excels in meeting these technological obstacles head on in order to amplify productivity and reduce your costs. We offer flexible, customizable solutions in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Automation (BPA).

    Having Santeon manage these processes on behalf of your organization frees your staff to focus more on corporate strategic goals and objectives. Flexibility and adaptability are at the core of our approach. Whether you select us to assist you with BPO, BPA or both, our commitment and experience as technology consultants is unmatched.

    Platform Methodology

    Santeon BPO/BPA methodology relies on the Business Process Management Discipline of conducting a robust and measurable analysis of the project at hand. Santeon BPA/BPO begins the evaluation process with a hard, uncompromising look at the empirical data collected. Based on those initial reports, we devise a comprehensive strategy, along with milestones. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) are established using Santeon's advanced Business Activity Monitor (BAM) module. Every step along the way, Santeon serves you with a high degree of customization and control that extends to dynamically viewing live changes as they are happening. In collaboration with our customers, a decision to outsource the process or to automate it and mange it internally is made based on business strategic objectives and the types of processes addressed. Santeon continuously implements performance metrics in order to make sure the grand plan is being executed in a high-quality, time-conscious way. This continuous re-evaluation ensures that the client ultimately reaches the prescribed goals outlined during the strategic project planning period.

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