Agile is a mindset transforming IT around the world. In order to prevent additional costs and hurdles during the implementation of agile, we recommend an organization consider readiness assessment prior to agile transformation.

    Our agile assessment platform seeks to evaluate all the tangible and intangible factors that comprise your business processes and then map them against specific agile mindset characteristics and practices. We look to discover enabling or supportive forces for agile as well as the value-added and impactful structural agile indicators. Our Agile PM platform will reveal what agile practices you are ready to implement and which you aren't.

    Ultimately, the successful implementation of agile depends on its extended sustainability. What will happen when you get stuck two years down the road? Will your enterprise respond and be flexible enough to find a new solution? Our assessment platform removes the guess work from continuous improvement by evaluating your agile sustainability potential and building off of it.

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