• Grow your role from ScrumMaster to Agile Coach

    From: ScrumMaster

    Focused on helping the team abide by the process.

    Works on a team level and is involved with daily activities.

    Keeps a team in motion, maintains the team's course.

    Part of the team, the main contact for the team.

    Facilitating the execution of agile practices.

    To: Agile Coach

    Helps the team and individuals accept/manage the transition to agile.

    Works with multiple teams and executives on various initiatives.

    Puts the team in motion, provides course correction.

    Helps teams resolve impediments but is not a permanent member of the team.

    Customizes and tailors agile practices to the organization.

    As organizations grow agile practices beyond a few teams the role of ScrumMaster can naturally evolve into an agile coach. Facilitation techniques provide the coach with tools to:

    Surface and resolve unproductive team conflict

    Design new and creative ways to facilitate agile meetings – retrospectives, daily standups, etc.

    Foster collaborative decision making and consensus building

    Keep team members interested and engaged

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