• Santeon at Agile2014


    Two Santeon agile coaches will be leading workshops at Agile2014. Below you'll find abstracts for each upcoming workshop. Santeon continues to participate in industry conferences because we all benefit when practicing coaches are active within the wider agile community, sharing experiences and insights.

    WHAT IS AGILE2014?

    Agile2014 marks the Agile Alliance’s 13th year hosting the largest, annual global gathering of Agilists—with this year’s conference drawing nearly 2,000 Agilists from more than 40 countries. The conference is widely considered the premiere event for the advancement of Agile software development. Attendees will have access to more than 200 speakers, representing distinct voices and perspectives, all vetted through a highly-selective peer review process.

    Agile2014 is scheduled for July 28-August 1 in Orlando Florida.

    For more information about Agile2014 visit agile2014.agilealliance.org


    JULY 28 - Andrea Chiou - Clean Language Questions for Aspiring Agile Learners: Advanced Listening Skills


    Why does does listening matter? Are you planning on becoming a better listener this year?

    When we don’t listen well, we don’t learn well. When we don’t ask well, we may get a response that is not free from the influence of our question. But, when we deliberately listen with the intent to discover, we maximize our learning and the thinking of the person we are listening to. We need this skill to make sure we've maximized our collective creativity, and the face-to-face interactions that we have. After a brief lesson on Clean Language questions, as well as a warm-up discovery exercise and demo, you will spend the majority of the session practicing the basic question in small pairs and small groups. I’ll talk a bit about the brain as well as about the possibilities of metaphor for bridging gaps in our mental models. Towards the end, I’ll share the history, influences and current uses of Clean Language. We'll wrap up with Q&A and takeaways - including your own resource sheet for further study.

    JULY 30 - Paul Boos - Software Development: Game w/Purpose


    Alistair Cockburn talks about software development as a cooperative game, but did you realize that is only one part of the puzzle? Many of the practices of Agile use typical boardgame mechanics; by viewing development in this manner, it can become easier to learn and later to customize as well. Shifting to a "game viewpoint" points out how we're all trying to "win", just that we have different perspectives on what winning means. This makes it ideal for people on a team just starting out and their immediate managers.

    After a quick exercise to get people comfortable with their fellow team mates, I present and explain various boardgame mechanics and how these are then utilized when following an Agile approach. For example, deck-building can closely resemble backlog prioritization. Intermixed with the presentation will be several exercises that show some of these mechanics in use. I close with how to slowly introduce these mechanics and how they can be customized and also different methods of integrating these to allow some tailoring of the Agile game.

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