• Is enterprise agility definable and measurable?

    Measure your organization’s effectiveness and growth by the value it creates — not by the product or processes it deploys and implements.

    By Ash Rofail, CEO Santeon, Inc.

    The term agility or enterprise agility has been used (and perhaps over-used) to promote a product or a family of products that can bring agility to an organization. Used to describe a process that may achieve some efficiency, enterprise agility is often relegated to introduce an initiative that organizations advertise to promote adaptability to client needs or to market shifts and demands. While one, or a combination of these, may provide an organization with value and certainly a push in the right direction, many of these products and processes tend to be focused on solving a very specific organizational problem such as client response time, customer satisfaction or improving a specific process within the organization.

    Enterprise agility is defined at the highest level of the organization and encompasses the entire organization.

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