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  • We gained a competitive advantage because Santéon helped us quickly integrate a new innovative service capability for our customers. Mike Hayes, Vice President at Sales and Marketing Ascentis Software
  • We chose Santéon's XIP for its comprehensiveness, flexibility, customization, speed of implementation and cost. - John Semeraro, Director at Health and Safety Fund of North America
  • Santeon XIP BPM provides a "one-and-all", fully inclusive environment that promotes real collaboration between business analysts and technical teams to design business process integration between multiple systems and people. - S.M. Hoole Business Integration Journal
  • Santeon Group's unique workshops and framework place it at the forefront of innovative Agile training and adoption - Gabrielle Benefield Director of Agile Development, Yahoo!
  • It’s not easy to make a decision to totally change the way your company performs its core function. However, this decision is made much easier if you have a world-class consulting partner helping you as you make this transition. This is exactly what we got working with Santeon. - Ali Zewail, General Manager, Raya Software
  • Santeon helped us frame issues and articulate goals and impediments to reaching those goals in a way we never could have done ourselves. - Paul RoitmanBardack CEO Non-Profit Organization
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We provide a complete suite of agile training courses designed to provide practical know-how and build individual and team capability. Each course is certified. Many courses are offered both live, in-person or remote-instructor led.


Santeon provides a variety of agile trainign courses designed to meet the needs of today's challenging agile environment.



When you think about "training," do you think about uncomfortable chairs, a room that is too hot or too cold, and an instructor that drones on endlessly? Or, do you dream about an experience that is engaging, fun, interactive, and challenging? Do you search for a learning experience that feels more like play than like work?

Learning should be fun. Learning should be as much fun as it was when you were in preschool, when learning felt like play. Come play with us at Santeon.



Our courses are designed to be active, physical and experiential in order to help you form stronger bonds with the material. All classes are rooted in real-world application of skills and agile tools. We believe that part of the in-person demonstration of skills is also absorbing the expertise of peers. We believe in feed-forward not feedback. Enabling our students to grow and benefit from continuous improvement to maximize their impact on their organization.

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