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  • We gained a competitive advantage because Santéon helped us quickly integrate a new innovative service capability for our customers. Mike Hayes, Vice President at Sales and Marketing Ascentis Software
  • We chose Santéon's XIP for its comprehensiveness, flexibility, customization, speed of implementation and cost. - John Semeraro, Director at Health and Safety Fund of North America
  • Santeon XIP BPM provides a "one-and-all", fully inclusive environment that promotes real collaboration between business analysts and technical teams to design business process integration between multiple systems and people. - S.M. Hoole Business Integration Journal
  • Santeon Group's unique workshops and framework place it at the forefront of innovative Agile training and adoption - Gabrielle Benefield Director of Agile Development, Yahoo!
  • It’s not easy to make a decision to totally change the way your company performs its core function. However, this decision is made much easier if you have a world-class consulting partner helping you as you make this transition. This is exactly what we got working with Santeon. - Ali Zewail, General Manager, Raya Software
  • Santeon helped us frame issues and articulate goals and impediments to reaching those goals in a way we never could have done ourselves. - Paul RoitmanBardack CEO Non-Profit Organization


In the times of "Big" government and a rising national debt and curtailing of government spending worldwide. To a greater degree than ever, government agents must focus on streamlining technology, maximizing available resources and containing costs. To the government sector we offer a number services including Business Process Management (BPM) platforms, transformation initiatives and cost containment.


  • Business Process Transformation, Automation and Integration
  • Application Development
  • Health IT
  • Strategic and Technical Coaching and Consulting
  • Systems Integration
  • Managed Hosting
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Application Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Media and Mobile Platforms


Business Process Management Platforms

Santeon utilizes a groundbreaking agile platform and transformation services to aid the public sector in responding to these challenges. Our agile BPM platform offers a complete life-cycle approach to streamlining your work flow. In utilizing BPM, clients can rapidly leverage, reuse and extend what they have. This innovative approach ensures that government agencies can incrementally extend their capabilities and increase output and efficiency. 

Transformation Initiatives 

We do not use agile as a label, but we apply agile practices to make government work better. We understand that transitioning to agile may be challenging. Hence, we offer on-site agile coaching and consulting for a smooth transition to agile practices. One of the benefits of our on-site agile coaching and consulting program is the opportunity to have one of our experienced agile coaches mentoring government employees. While your staff is working on a particular project and encounters problems, there will be professional assistance within reach. A new and (more) hands-on learning environment is created. Working and learning occur in unison, which optimizes employees' learning experience and ensure that they learn agile the right way. The proper application of agile will also lessen frustration among your employees and keep them content and motivated. Their well-being will reflect in greater productivity and output for the public sector.